Mousy mouse

aka Account Disabled

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in tinley park illinois
  • My occupation is a computer mouse
  • I am A BOY
  • Mousy mouse

    NESS 5 brawls

    MARTH 10 brawls

    LUIGI 22 brawls

    FALCO 50 brawls



    SNAKE 130 brawls

    R.O.B 160 brawls

    GANONDORF 200 brawls

    MR G&W 250 brawls

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 300 brawls

    JIGGLYPUFF 350 brawls

    TOON LINK 400 brawls

    WOLF 450 brawls

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  • Mousy mouse

    useless page

    June 16, 2013 by Mousy mouse

    we have a strict policy when it comes to useless pages

    useless pages will be deleted

    every time a useless page is created the creator of that page will get blocked for a week

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  • Mousy mouse

    attention admins

    June 15, 2013 by Mousy mouse

    hello admins on the wiki if you are an admin i would like you to visit the admin dashboard

    to get there press customize user badges on your page and click general to get there

    thats where we have the tasks for the commuinity

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