mario is a vertrean fighter in ssbb avaible from the start

role in the subspace essimaryEdit

mario was first seen fighting kirby in the midair sdatium after the halberd appeared and sent out primids mario along with kirby zelda and peach defeated them he was shot by a cannonball before petey pirahna kidnapped zelda and peach

he is later seen in skyworld as a trophy where pit revives him pit tells him of how the midair stadium BLEW UP and they team up

later if you saved peach mario will think link and yoshi killed peach and vicea versa if you saved zelda mario will be one of the characters you can play as in the 2 on 2 battle

after dedede will drive along in a cargo (that he stole from wario) with ness luigi and the other princess in it he will pick up the losing team and put them in his cargo but is stopped by kirby mario now teams up with kirby link and yoshi when a part of the wilds 2 gets sucked in subspace he escapes on yoshi

in the canyon mario and his team faces a large number of enemies

later at the end of entrance to subspace he is trophy standed by tabuu with everyone else he is by far the easiest fighter to revive in subspace 1


marios down and side special dont do any damage