luigi is an unlockable fighter in super smash bros brawl

role in the subspace essamaryEdit

he is first seen at the end of the battlefield fortress (where he is not by the fortress at all ) he sees 2 waddle dees and gets scared then he is trophy standed by king dedede

he is one of the 4 playable characters that revived other fighters before the great maze level

if no trophies were saved at all you are forced to choose 6 certain characters for tabuu luigi is one of them the other 5 are sonic dedede bowser ness and kirby

how to unlockEdit

play 22 brawls

clear classic without any continues

beat level 29 in the subspace essamiary


if one tries to unlock marth by clearing classic mode it is best to have luigi unlocked or 1 stock because you might face luigi instead